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Founded in 1975 on Princeton, New Jersey’s historic Nassau Street, The Boyd Company, Inc. is one of the nation's most experienced and trusted corporate site selection firms. Boyd provides independent location counsel to leading Fortune 500 and up-coming corporations worldwide.

The corporate site selection decision is one of the most demanding and far-reaching choices that management can make. Boyd's specialization, proprietary data bank and five decades of corporate site selection experience, are unparalleled in the field.

Boyd’s specialization and independent corporate site selection approach ensure that clients make the best and most informed location decision, a decision that will stand the test of time.

Q & A

What’s Boyd’s history? Who heads the firm?

John H. ("Jack") Boyd

John "Jack" Boyd

John H. Boyd founded the privately held Boyd Company, Inc., in 1975.

A thought leader and well-known pioneer of the modern era of corporate site selection, Jack has done much to advance the profession setting best practice standards of independence, objectivity, integrity and confidentiality.

An economist by training, Jack’s corporate site selection experience traces back to his academic research in Puerto Rico. Boyd’s research work, U.S. Manufacturing Investment in Puerto Rico: A Response to Operation Bootstrap, studied the island’s commonwealth political status, unique tax structure, economic development strategy and why U.S. corporations were locating there.

Jack’s research in Puerto Rico was carried out under the mentorship of noted academic, author and political activist Robert J. Alexander, a pioneer in the study and teaching of Latin American and Caribbean economic development, and professor emeritus of economics and political science at Rutgers University.  As a Bevier Fellow in economics at the Rutgers Graduate School, Jack expanded his research in the field of corporate site selection and Latin American economic development.

Following a tenure as a relocation analyst with Dun & Bradstreet's Management Consulting Division in New York City, Jack established the Boyd firm in Princeton, NJ’s famed Twenty Nassau Building overlooking the Princeton University campus in 1975.

Today, as head of one of the nation’s oldest consultancies specializing exclusively in corporate mobility, Jack remains dedicated to positioning Boyd clients ahead of prevailing economic and business climate trends.

With his unique perspectives on corporate location and investment trends, Jack has long been an authority for policymakers, industry analysts, academics and the Wall Street financial community on topics related to corporate site selection, economic development and the intersection of politics and business attraction.

Organizations served by Jack over the years are many and varied and include The World Bank, The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP),  The Aerospace Industry Association, numerous state and provincial economic development agencies, MIT’s groundbreaking Work of the Future Project, prominent real estate developers like The Howard Hughes Corporation and the Investment Properties Division of the Mormon Church, Canada's Privy Council and the President’s National Economic Council providing insights on policies to reduce supply chain bottlenecks.

Jack is also a trusted source of the national business press.  Several hundred archived news articles - dating back to 1994- featuring commentary from Jack in publications throughout North America are posted on this website in Boyd in the News. They provide unique insights from Jack and others into major corporate relocations of the day as well as interesting commentary on the myriad of factors influencing where companies relocate and why. Industry observers, developers and students of the corporate site selection field may find this unique and extensive collection a valuable research tool.

John Boyd, Jr.

John Boyd Jr.

Founded in 1975 on Princeton’s historic Nassau Street, The Boyd Company, Inc., is one of the nation’s most trusted and well-known corporate site selection firms. Boyd clients include Boeing; Chevron; Pratt & Whitney; PepsiCo; Visa International; Shell; Honda Motor Company; Hewlett-Packard; JP Morgan Chase; Sanofi; Royal Caribbean Cruises; Dell and TD Canada Trust.

As the son of John H. Boyd, one of the pioneers of the modern era of corporate site selection and the founder of The Boyd Company, Inc., John entered the world of corporate site selection and economic development at a young age.

Since joining the firm in 2002, John has worked on a wide range of site selection projects that have resulted in billions of dollars of capital investment and tens of thousands of new jobs in the U.S., Canada and offshore.

In 2005, he launched the company’s online data service and has become a sought-after speaker at conferences on corporate relocation, economic development, commercial real estate development, politics and legislation impacting corporate site selection decisions and job creation - including those sponsored by Nasdaq, Site Selection Magazine, American's for Prosperity, the Aerospace Industries Association, The Miami Herald CEO Council, the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank, The University of Leeds, American City Business Journals, the Business Development Board of Palm Beach, The Bond Buyer Leaders Series, South Florida Business and Wealth, America’s Commercial Real Estate Show, the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, the Florida Institute of Technology, New Jersey Future, The Florida Economic Development Council, NJ Governor Phil Murphy's Incentive Task Force Hearing, The Florida Realtors Association and the North Carolina General Assembly.

John serves on the advisory board of Business Facilities LiveXchange and in 2021 was selected to The Bond Buyer Leader's Forum. John's expert perspectives on corporate site selection, economic development and the real estate industry are routinely cited in the global news media.


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