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Technology Displaying GraphsFounded in 1975 on Princeton, New Jersey’s historic Nassau Street, The Boyd Company, Inc. is one of the nation's most experienced and trusted corporate site selection firms. Boyd provides independent location counsel to leading Fortune 500 and up-coming corporations worldwide.

The corporate site selection decision is one of the most demanding and far-reaching choices that management can make. Boyd's specialization, proprietary data bank and five decades of corporate site selection experience, are unparalleled in the field.

Boyd’s specialization and independent corporate site selection approach ensure that clients make the best and most informed location decision, a decision that will stand the test of time.

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Corporate site selection is one of the most demanding and far-reaching decisions that management will ever make. A less than the optimal site will result in a costly and compromised competitive position that will persist for years. Boyd’s specialization in business mobility and its vast, five decades of casework relocation projects result in unmatched research and evaluative skills. This specialization enables Boyd to come to grips with your location problem without delay or costly false starts, ensuring on-time success of your relocation, expansion, or consolidation plans.

Boyd combines many of your own in-house skills with capabilities outside the range of your normal day-to-day operations. Skills which you might expect in cost analysis, human resources, taxation, logistics, IT, telecommunications, e.g., are enhanced by Boyd's hands-on knowledge of financial incentives, available sites, the tenor of labor-management relations, competitive wage and hiring pressures, dependability of energy supplies, security and political stability, and lifestyle considerations of management transferees and families. The firm's proprietary data bank is enhanced by Boyd's first-hand insights into the thousands of candidate cities researched and visited over the years, the myriad of companies interviewed by Boyd in the field, and by the experiences and feedback from Boyd's extensive client network.

Boyd clients receive a fully-documented written report covering all phases of the site selection project. While every client’s project has its own unique demands, the following six elements are common to most Boyd site selection engagements:

  • Criteria Development -- a start-up consultation covering the overall location objectives of the proposed project and the development of key operating specifications and occupancy requirements of the planned new facility;
  • Primary Search Area -- a delineation by Boyd of the geographic region or regions where the location objectives of the proposed project can be maximized;
  • Feasibility Costs and Candidate Cities -- the identification of a select series of candidate locations, the rationales for the rejection of less desirable cities, available state and local incentives, and the preparation of a comparative feasibility cost analysis among the initial candidate locations;
  • Field Research -- regimented and confidential field research carried out by Boyd in each of the most promising cities covering labor market and recruiting issues, available sites, support services, state and local financial incentives, lifestyle considerations of transferees and dependents, and other client-specific field investigations;
  • Final Economic Analysis -- a final projection of annual operating costs and savings scaled to the proposed new facility on Boyd-recommended sites within each of the finally-chosen cities;
  • Client Visitations -- based on Boyd's field research findings and local contacts, Boyd will develop meaningful and productive itineraries and then facilitate client visitations to each finally-recommended city.

No. Boyd's site selection experience crosses many industry lines. Corporate location studies for U.S. and overseas companies have been prepared covering a broad spectrum of manufacturing, headquarters, R&D, distribution warehousing and telecommunications-intensive operations such as data centers, help desks, and call centers. The firm's operations are international, including extensive experience in Canada and a growing offshore workload.

What’s Boyd’s history? Who heads the firm?

John H. ("Jack") Boyd

John "Jack" Boyd

John H. Boyd founded the privately held Boyd Company, Inc., in 1975.

A thought leader and well-known pioneer of the modern era of corporate site selection, Jack has done much to advance the profession setting best practice standards of independence, objectivity, integrity and confidentiality.

An economist by training, Jack’s corporate site selection experience traces back to his academic research in Puerto Rico.  Boyd’s research work, U.S. Manufacturing Investment in Puerto Rico: A Response to Operation Bootstrap, studied the island’s commonwealth political status, unique tax structure, economic development strategy and why U.S. corporations were locating there. As a Bevier Fellow in economics at the Rutgers Graduate School, Jack expanded his research in the field of corporate relocation and Latin American economic development.

Following a tenure as a relocation analyst with Dun & Bradstreet's Management Consulting Division in New York City, Jack established the Boyd firm in Princeton, NJ’s famed Twenty Nassau Building overlooking the Princeton University campus in 1975.

Today, as head of one of the nation’s oldest consultancies specializing exclusively in corporate mobility, Jack remains dedicated to positioning Boyd clients ahead of prevailing economic and business climate trends.

From his global perspectives on corporate location and investment trends, Jack has long been a valued expert source for industry analysts and the national business press covering corporate site selection, economic development and the intersection of politics and business attraction.  Several hundred archived articles - dating back to 1994- featuring commentary from Jack are posted on this website in the Boyd in the News section.  They provide unique insights from Jack and others into major corporate relocations of the day as well as interesting commentary on the myriad of factors influencing where companies relocate and why. Industry observers, developers and students of the corporate site selection field may find this unique and extensive collection a valuable research tool.

John Boyd, Jr.

John Boyd Jr.John Boyd, Jr., joined the firm in 2002. John has worked on a wide range of site selection projects that have resulted in billions of dollars of capital investment and tens of thousands of new jobs in the U.S., Canada, and offshore. John is a popular keynote speaker at conferences around the U.S. and Canada on corporate relocation, economic development, commercial real estate development and politics/legislation impacting corporate site selection.

He's been a featured speaker and contributor at numerous forums, including those sponsored by Site Selection Magazine, Nasdaq, American's for Prosperity, the Aerospace Industries Association, The Miami Herald CEO Council, the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank, American Cities Business Journals, the Business Development Board of Palm Beach, The Bond Buyer, South Florida Business & Wealth, the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, the Florida Institute of Technology and the North Carolina General Assembly. In 2019, John was invited by NJ Governor Phil Murphy's Incentive Task Force to deliver expert testimony on the use of tax incentives to attract new industry.

John's expert perspectives are routinely featured in the global news media, including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, The Financial Times, Bloomberg, NPR, Fox News, CNN, The Globe and Mail, CNBC, Tencent Media, Al Jazeera Media Network, Industry Week, USA Today and others.

Connect with John on LinkedIn to share insights into corporate site selection and development trends by clicking here: John Boyd The Boyd Company Site Selection Princeton, NJ

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