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Why Choose Boyd Q & A

Q: What distinguishes Boyd from other firms offering corporate site selection services?

A: Two things: First, specialization. Boyd specializes exclusively in the field of business relocation. While the corporate site selection decision is an infrequent event for you, Boyd is constantly monitoring business climates, labor conditions, cost trends, incentive programs and other more subtle geographic variables often overlooked by the inexperienced or the generalist.

Second, independence. Boyd will objectively and independently recommend the optimal city and site for your project and do so free from the sometimes conflicting influences of downstream commissions tied to real estate transactions or ancillary consulting packages.

Boyd's five decades of independent counsel is unique and unparalleled in the corporate relocation field. Boyd's vast experience and independent posture ensure a best practice site selection recommendation that will stand the test of time. Boyd serves but one interest: the client's.

Q: Why hire Boyd when real estate firms, economic development agencies or incentive negotiators offer free or highly commissioned services?

A: While the services of real estate professionals and economic development agencies are sometimes helpful, their scope of interest is often restricted to the properties and locales that they are promoting. Boyd will objectively explore all your location options without geographic constraints, parochial interests or after-the-fact commission influences linked to real estate deals or downstream consulting services.

Q: What is Boyd's posture on confidentiality and client anonymity?

A: All Boyd activities are carried out in a highly confidential manner which cannot be traced back to the client. Secrecy and client anonymity are maintained throughout the study period. Boyd's regimented and well-tested investigative techniques avoid premature disclosure of your plans, preventing troublesome labor and competitive repercussions. Boyd's commitment to secrecy also insulates your executives from disruptive outside sales pressures. Moreover, representation by Boyd can bring instant credibility to your undisclosed project and afford it prompt access to top-level government officials, influential community leaders and economic development organizations.

Q: What about fees? Is it expensive to use Boyd?

A: Boyd fees are moderate and usually justified many times over by operating cost savings between an acceptable location and the optimal site for your new facility. Boyd's all-inclusive fee is also much less than the cost of assigning your own executive and technical staff. In addition to performing comprehensive corporate location studies, Boyd can also conduct low-cost component investigations, including targeted labor market assessments and comparative economic analyses establishing preliminary feasibility of your new project.