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Boyd Development Services


Commercial real estate developers, city planners and economic development organizations can also benefit from Boyd’s wealth of experience in corporate relocation. Objective and market-sensitive target industry reports along with action-oriented industry attraction strategies can be provided by Boyd. These engagements uniquely draw from Boyd’s five decades of corporate site selection experience and proprietary insights into new and emerging business relocation and investment trends.


Independent Boyd reports can authoritatively document comparative advantages of selected development projects, cities, states or countries. Boyd can provide timely and opportunistic target industry recommendations as well as other customized research and marketing support tailored to the developer’s specific planning and business attraction goals.

In the powerful arena of public relations, Boyd's specialization in corporate relocation means that top business editors, reporters and broadcast journalists at the most influential media outlets routinely look to Boyd for expert commentary on corporate relocation trends, the economy and economic development. This can translate into national or even global media exposure for Boyd development clients having incalculable marketing value.