Location Consultants of Princeton
An image of a long Metal building with multiple docking bays for shipping trucks.
An image of a nicely finished lobby to an office with fresh stonework.
An image of a staircase ascending close to a wall of windows.
An image of a large production facility.
An image showing a long hallway with offices on either side.

Reports you can rely on

BizCosts® Reports are comparative cost of doing business studies developed from the proprietary data bank of The Boyd Company, Inc., Location Consultants, Princeton, NJ.

Devoted exclusively to the impact of operating costs on corporate site selection, BizCosts® is recognized as the nation's premier source for comparative business cost information. BizCosts® Reports are unique in their industry-specific modeling, geographic focus and annualized, factor-by-factor business costs format.

You can learn more about Boyd’s custom BizCosts® Reports by visiting www.BizCosts.com.